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The Best Fried Bananas - Sugar Free Desserts

Almost 10 years ago, we completely changed our lifestyle.

Fried bananas with cinnamon

Dave had been on asthma and allergy meds and we wanted to explore more holistic options.

I won’t go into that full story, I will save that for another blog, but the point is, we changed what we were eating drastically.

From Ramen noodles, the daily BK stop for a Hershey pie and fries, to a full blown Paleo diet. What we gathered at the time about the Paleo diet was that we could eat meat and vegetables, and that was it.

Dave was much more committed since his health issues were what we were exploring, but I made some really drastic changes as well. Then after having Logan, I joined Dave in a full on Paleo diet.

Logan also grew up on this diet.

Then we slowly started adding in items not considered Paleo. We created a food lifestyle that worked for our family.

It has evolved and shifted over the years and currently we don’t eat: gluten, dairy, corn, soy, artificial colors or flavors, processed sugar, or really anything with ingredients that we can’t read or know what they are.

While the kids were always limited on their processed sugar intake (only on special occasions), I found Dave and I always having a special treat stashed away for after the kids went to bed. When we decided to completely remove processed sugar for the kids, we decided we should commit also, and so we did.

I have always had a sweet tooth, so I knew this would be hardest for me.

For years we had been going to a Brazilian Steakhouse called Chama Gaucha in Downers Grove, IL (if you are ever in the area and by that I mean within a couple of hours, I highly recommend checking them out, they are the best Brazilian Steakhouse we have found so far in the USA). Because we were gluten, dairy, corn and soy free, not only Chama, but most restaurants we could not have dessert. Chama has a side dish like many other Brazilian Steakhouses that is fried bananas. We decided that would be our after dinner dessert, and it always hit the spot.

Once we started bringing the kids there, it was important to us to confirm that there was no sugar added to the fried bananas. And for years, every time we went we would ask, because we just couldn’t believe how sweet they were without any sugar.

Fast forward to me spending many weeks in Costa Rica where fried plantains are a part of many meals and asking the same question, “is there sugar added”. Again, the answer was always no.

Gallo Pinto

I loved both fried plantains and fried bananas so much that we started trying to make them at home. They never were quite as sweet or good as at Chama or in Costa Rica. So, I started to wonder, was there sugar added? What was I missing?

Do you want to know the secrete?

Have you too been trying to make delicious fried bananas or plantains and can't seem to get it right?

Tried different oils, air fryer, different amounts of time and it continues to be another "Pinterest Fail"?

Well I have the secrete that makes this dish super simple!!!


That's the secret to delicious, sweet, fried bananas & plantains! This created more natural sugars and the caramelization that happens in frying them.

Now that I have figured out this delicious dessert and can make it in the RV, very easily, I wanted to share it with you all! These are the best sugar free fried bananas!

We also recently did fried pineapple, in a very similar way.

What sugar free desserts do you and your kids love?

Ingredients for recipe

Fried Bananas Recipe


That's it! 3 ingredients and an Air Fryer!


Prepped Fried Bananas

  • Place Bananas in air fryer. Depending on your air fryer size you will be able to fit a different amount.

  • If using oil, spray both sides of bananas. Note: This is optional, I have made them both ways successfully

  • Sprinkle both sides bananas with cinnamon.

Ninja Air Fryer set to 9 mins

  • Set air fryer to 9 minutes.

  • Turn bananas over at about 4 minutes 30 seconds

  • Let cool & serve warm!

We have been loving this easy, simple & quick dessert!

Be sure to follow us on instagram @truelifenomads for more on our RV travels, healthy recipes, and holistic lifestyle!


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